Toy Story


Yesterday for lunch Chris brought home some $5 box meals from Dairy Queen. Kamyha seemed okay with what she had but she was digging in the box trying to find a toy since she is so used to getting toys in her meals when we get something from fast food places. While she was looking in her box for a toy, I grabbed a chipmunk toy out of her toy bin (because she has so many toys and I didn’t think she knew she had half of them since she only plays with certain ones) and I stuck it in one of the paper bags after I had taken some napkins and spoons out. I said “Look Kamyha, I see a toy!” and she excitedly grabbed the bag and pulled the chipmunk toy out. She showed me the toy and excitedly said “Now I have 2!” and I was a bit surprised since I never see her play with that certain toy and it was added to her bin fairly recently (from some old toys we found at our storage area, we had gotten those toys before we even had Kamyha) and the next thing I knew she was digging in her toy bin trying to find the chipmunks “friend” and she was looking all through it like she was on some kind of mission. After a little bit more searching she said “I can’t find it” and she gave up and went to eat with her chipmunk and explained to it that she couldn’t find his friend. I was feeling pretty terrible at this point because she really tried her hardest to find the chipmunks “friend.” Chris thought it was so funny because he saw her looking for it and then he looked at me and kind of laughed because my plan didn’t go quite as I had planned and there was really no way out of it. I’ve realized that she notices more than I ever would had expected her too. She’s so aware of all her surroundings even so much as a little chipmunk toy. I love seeing her grow so much each day and each new little thing she learns and does. There are so many cute little moments when it comes to both, Kamyha and Kendalyn.

I thought it would be a cute little story to share, I hope you all enjoyed reading it as I did sharing it.


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Last night Kamyha helped Chris (daddy) wrap some of Kendalyn’s (baby sissy) presents. She was so excited and seemed to really enjoy it. She had been talking about wanting to help wrap them for awhile and when it was finally time she could hardly wait. They may had not been the best looking wrapped presents but presentation isn’t always everything, …

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