Challenge Ideas (YouTube challenges)

Try not to laugh challenge
This is actually a really fun challenge! There are so many different YouTube videos to use for this particular challenge (funny clips) and it really reminds me of when I was growing up and me and my siblings would play a game where who ever laughs first loses.

Eat it or wear it challenge
This has got to be one of my favorites to watch! Basically, you go against a friend/friends and you can ask questions and if the person gets it wrong they have to either eat or wear the food (usually something not so delicious)

What is in/behind the box challenge
I like this because if the suspense. One person has something behind a box (or in it) and the other person feels it and tries to guess what it is. It is especially funny when the item either feels or smells wierd.

Chubby Bunny challenge
Put a ton of marshmallows in your mouth and attempt to clearly say the phrase “Chubby Bunny”. The winner is the person who is able to say the phrase with the most marshmallows in their mouth. Try not tk choke though.

Pancake art challenge
This challenge tests a persons creative side by trying to make art out of pancakes. It is exceptionally fun when the pancake mix is colorful!

Super spicy pepper/spicy food challenge
Challenge yourself and/or friends by seeing how much heat you can handle. Most people try the Carolina Reaper or Ghost pepper. These challenges can be painful from the burning it will leave in your mouth and stomach. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Eating tons of food challenge
This challenge can be a little pricey. I have seen videos of people that have ordered everything off Taco Bells menu and attempt to eat it all. Make sure to have a bucket close by.

Cinnamon challenge (try at your own risk)
This challenge will leave you coughing and gagging but it will at least be entertaining for everyone else to watch. Cinnamon has wonderful benefits but most throats can’t handle that much dryness.

Ice bucket/ice bath challenge
You can even use snow if you wanted. It is simple, you (or a friend) dump ice or ice cold water on yourself or get in a bath full of ice cold water. There really is no other point other than the pure entertainment people get from watching you freeze.

The whisper challenge
One person wears head phones with loud music playing while the other person whispers a word. The person with the head phones has to guess what the other person is saying. Then you switch roles. These are usually really funny to watch.

Bean boozled challenge
Jelly Belly sells candys called BeanBoozled that have disgusting flavors (like dirty sock and spoiled milk) mixed with delicious flavors (like popcorn and tutti fruity) This challenge is eating them with friend(s) and seeing rather or not you end up with a nasty or a delicious jelly bean. Some of them are really horrible!

Slime challenge
Apparently you can make slime out of nearly anything and that is exactly what this challenge is. Find random things (even food) and attempt to make slime with it. It can be very fun and creative!

Nasty food tasting challenge
Eher go to the store and wonder to yourself “who would eat that?!” well in this challenge you get to be that “who” and tell your audience exactly what you think of it. You never know, you may even end up finding something weird you like. (Some examples: pigs feet, potato bread, pickled eggs, sardines, canned pet food, lard, pig brain, clam, etc)

Guess the soda/food/smell challenge
Test your sense of smell and/or taste buds. This challenge may leave you stumped. Do you really know the difference between a lime and a lemon? How about between Coke and Pepsi? Take the challenge and see!

Box fort challenge
This challenge really tests your creativity and your speed. You and a friend/friends (or you can have teams) have a certain amount of time to build a fort out of boxes. Make sure you have a lot of boxes because you’ll need them! Once everyone is done do things to test how strong your fort is (throw a ball at it, climb in it, etc)

Gummy vs real food challenge
There are so many different types of gummys out there that this challenge can be extremely fun! Which is better the gummy pizza or the real pizza? Take the challenge snd find out!

Opposite Hand Drawing Challenge
Can you or your friend draw better with your opposite hand? Challenge your friend and see! You can even do this one alone if you just wanted to test your own skills at using your opposite hand.

Yoga challenge
This challenge can be tricky especially if you are not good at yoga to begin with. Can you do a hand stand or a headstand? Have fun and mix a bunch of different poses on a piece of paper in a jar, pull out one and attempt to do that position. Falling is half the fun for the audience to watch but maybe not so much for you.

Wassabi challenge
If you have ever had wassabi in a large amount then you know what kind of kick it can pack. Do you think you could eat more than a pinch? Take the challenge and see if you bite off more than you can swallow.

100 layers challenge
How much clothing can you put on? Could you put on 100 pieces of clothes? Maybe not..but you could sure try.

Ugly sweater challenge
These are so much fun to watch! This would be a great challenge close to Christmas! Try to make the ugliest sweater possible. Sew on pompoms, throw on some glitter, add some lights, and go all out on your ultimate ugly sweater.

Bath tube challenge
Fill your bath with something. Basically, anything except water. You could even fill your bathtub up with water and make kool-aid. The possibilities are endless!

Make up your own challenge
You can literally make a challenge about anything. People love to watch challenges! Create your own fun and unique challenge and maybe you’ll start a new “challenge trend.”

Allow collaboration with other YouTubers for even more fun!