March 26, 2018

Chris went and got a car from Enterprise for our trip. Me and the girls slept in a little and then got up. I gathered up some clothes and stuff for our trip to St. Louis. Chris came home and we got them ready. We left and we deposited money into the Girl Scout bank account because it comes out in a few days. We stopped by the Girl Scout place in My. Vernon and filled out paperwork so we could make sure that a few hundred doesn’t come out since we have not sold enough boxes to pay for it all yet. We went and had lunch and then we went to the Science Center in St Louis with our neighbors/friends and had a blast. After the science center we went to the hotel with our friends/neighbors and had supper there. We had supper at the hotel and then we all went swimming/hot tub with the kids. After we all went swimming/hot tub we went to our rooms and took a bath, ate popcorn, and watched Netflix. The kids fell asleep later than normal which surprised me since they did so much that day. I drank a little since we got free drinks. Me and Chris fell asleep.