March 23, 2018

Woke up having horrible stomach pains. Took a bath in hopes it would help but it didn’t much. I woke Kamyha up and got her ready for school. Chris got her on the bus. I went back to bed with his heating pad and woke up feeling better. We ate and then Chris came home. We got the girls ready and then they ate and we dropped Kendalyn off at school. We got some drinks at the gas station and then I dropped Chris off at work and went to get the girls from school. They had a short day today and had an egg hunt at school. The are officially out for spring break! We went to McDonald’s and met up with my sister there. Me and her talked awhile while the kids played. She left and Chris got dropped off by a friend. We went and had supper and then Chris picked up some food from Walmart to make for tomorrow. We came home and took videos of the puppies. Chris put food in the crock-pot for tomorrow. The kids went to bed and me and Chris talked awhile and then we fell asleep.