February 3, 2018

Chris got the whole day off and I am so thankful! I love being able to spend the whole day with him! We woke up and we had breakfast. We all got ready, went to the store and picked up a present for the birthday party we were attending. It was another fun birthday party at the skating rink and Kamyha and Kendalyn enjoyed skating. Chris enjoyed it as well. I didn’t skate because Mercy is not a huge fan of the plastic shoes she has to wear because of her feet are not big enough for the others yet so we just enjoy watching together. We had some cake and pizza. Kendalyn won the number game and so she won a free pass to enter so that makes two we have now (Kamyha won at the last birthday party) so we will definitely need to go back again soon. The girls really enjoy it..well, two of the three of them do. Mercy enjoys watching though and she likes to dance to the music. After the party we came home and noticed that two of the other female dogs were pregnant so Chris worked on building pens for them so they won’t end up killing each other’s babies once the time comes. I think they have around 3-4 weeks before they have their little (at least one of them does) but this will help separate them and they have plenty of roaming space and get to get in and out. Be worked on it for a few hours but did an awesome job! We went out and had supper at IHOP because Kamyha has been begging to go for a few weeks now. She was excited! The kids played a lot in the basement today while I cleaned a lot and dis laundry. I am getting so much closer to getting it done. The faster I get the basement finished the faster I can move our room down there and get the upstairs prepared for more kids. I read the kids the devotional and ended up falling asleep while trying to get them to sleep.
Also, found out some exciting news today from a close family member. Eek! Feeling blessed!