April 1, 2018

I woke up around 5:30 and took a bath. I woke everyone else up and got the ready. The girls saw their Easter basket from the Easter bunny and we excited. Chris switched shifts with someone else so he could be at church this morning. We went to church at the 7am service at our old church in Cypress, the girls did an Easter egg hunt there and we had breakfast made by the men at the church. It was delicious and was great talking to everyone and seeing them. We left and got drinks at the gas station and then went to Pam’s house but didn’t go in because her sister was taking a bath. Chris ran into Dollar Tree and grabbed some candy for the Easter eggs. I filled the eggs on the way home and the girls didn’t even notice because they slept half the ride. When we came home Chris hide them all outside. The girls got out of the car and were so excited! We came in and changed their clothes and then they went and found eggs. We came inside and they laid around with daddy until I finished lunch. Chris grabbed his lunch to go and went to work. All the girls ate except for Mercy because she ended up having a fever and getting whatever Kendalyn had. Luckily Kendalyn’s sickness only lasted about a day so hopefully Mercy’s goes away quickly too. We laid around awhile (me and Mercy took a nap) and then we got up. The girls ate on their candy all day. Chris had put supper in the crock pot earlier in the day and so we had supper although the only ones that really ate was me and Kamyha. Kendalyn ate a few bites and Mercy has not had an appetite. We took a bath and then got in bed and watched TV. They girls fell asleep. Chris had to work late and I fell asleep. Easter was not so bad but wish I had family to celebrate with and wish we could of had a big, delicious meal. Holidays are not the same when family is not involved.