They are not your friend

They are not your friend.

Those people that message you every other week to try to sell you something – rather it’s a product, workout plan, weight loss gimmick or something else. They’ll creep in your inbox to ask you how’s it going and start off like they care but really all they see in you is a paycheck. They are NOT your friend and honestly, they don’t generally care how you’re doing or what you’re going through. They care about you as much as the Girl Scout ringing your doorbell to sell you cookies.

If you’re someone selling something I hope you know it’s not hard to be genuine. It’s not hard to keep up with someone without begging for them to buy from you. It’s not hard to see people as more than just an income. This goes for bosses too. You have the chance to be a friend. You have the chance to reach out and care about someone and create new friendships and not just jump in an inbox when you want to sell or have a “deal” going on. Yes, we know. We know you’re not our friends. When we see you in our inbox we know you’re just going to ask us to join or buy something. This may get you a one time buy or heck maybe even a few times from a single person but you’ll eventually go down like any other tacky salesman does. I hope you thrive but I also hope you learn. I hope you learn that not everyone can throw their money away for something they don’t have time to commit to. I hope you know that WE all see your posts that year down women – you know the ones that go on and on how people can make time for something but they “just don’t want.” You don’t know everyone’s life (divorced parents, mothers of multiples, working 9-5 moms, stay at home mamas that care for the kids, cooking and the house, those that are struggling with physical and mental health, etc) No, you DO NOT know what someone else is struggling with and many of you call others out because of how your life is – not theirs. I know you all just copy and paste junk and you don’t think about others and I’ll flat out tell you – that is no way to sell a product nor is it a way to make friends. I’ve seen some fake mix in the energy drink mixes they were selling. It’s not okay to tear people down. It’s not okay to sell something that you don’t even trust. It’s not okay to beg someone out of their money if they don’t have it.