Social Life Crisis

Sharing my thoughts

Let’s talk social media for a minute and how much of it is not even real. Most pictures are over-edited and over-filtered. Many captions are over “perfected” or a huge pity party. People pretend to either have the perfect life or they show their most vulnerable side. There are the ones that have to act like their whole life is perfect and then there are the ones with them crying in a picture and act like their life is the worst – many times it’s because of a bad day. Let’s face it though, “Becky” uses a beauty editor app where she shortens her nose, adds some fake lashes and smoothens her face (and yes, we can spot it) “Jennifer” never posts a picture without a Snapchat filter because she likes how it brightens her eyes, contrasts her skin and smoothens up the blemishes. “Ashley” cries on picture because today was tough – the kids cried, she spilled her coffee and the battery in the car died causing her to be late for an appointment. “Taylor” posts her kids all in matching outfits, lined together in front of a kitchen counter with the biggest smile on their faces with a caption about how perfect her life is.
Insecurity has many looks and insecurity is loud. Confidence also has many looks but is quiet.
We make so much effort to impress people we do not know. We put so much time into becoming something we are not just to prove to people that we are these things.

I see you – Becky and the beautiful nose God gave you and your skin is just as beautiful.
I see you – Jennifer and you’re more gorgeous without the filter and your eyes light up more when you’re happy.
I see you – Ashley and tomorrow will be better and things will be alright.
I see you – Taylor and I know how much work that picture took and how the kids fussed and hated having to keep doing retakes and faking a smile for the camera but I know the work you put into it.
I see you – the ones that fake happy relationships, the ones that fake the perfect life, the ones that over edit their pictures and the ones that cry out for attention.
I see you because I’ve been you in the past. I’ve been the person who faked it because I was too insecure and too prideful to be real. I went through separation/divorce and still acted like my world was fine online (my first marriage had many struggles and things I kept to myself – things are really great in this marriage though despite we don’t always agree with each other 😂) Now there are people killing themselves because they don’t feel like their life is at all what it should be because they are competing and comparing with everyone else online.

Let me tell you, what you see online is what others allow you to see. Most of this IS NOT REAL. This may come to a shock to some of you but we are all winging it, we are all struggling with something, we all have disagreements and we are all human. None of us are as perfect as we appear. Check on your friends. Make sure they are really okay because there isn’t always a tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to show the real. Show the messy kids. The unedited pictures. The messy counter in the back. The real smiles. The ups. The downs. The wedding picture where you weren’t looking at the camera. The body you’re not sucking in. The over flowing trash can in the kitchen. The dead flowers left on the table from last year. None of us have our shit together but most of us won’t admit to it.