New Year Resolutions

Did you make resolutions for this year? If so, care to share? I decided to share some of mine above. I’m hoping to stick to mine as well as I can through the whole year. I’ve got goals and I want to achieve them.

Let’s also add “decorate more” to this list because this house could use more pops of color and some beautiful pictures…maybe some house plants too if I can manage to keep them alive. Maybe buy more scratch off cards throughout the year too. Nothing like a bit of gambling fun, huh?

Did you just set goals for yourself? Or did you also set goals for your children? I’ve set some for my girls because there is a lot I want to teach them (Luther too but he’s still just a baby and can’t really jump on a chore train just yet nor quite learn to cook) After talking to my oldest about it she responds with “no” as she really has no want to do much of anything except watch YouTube and play with friends but a big part of growing up is learning new skills right? I think about the fact that in 9 short years she will officially be considered an adult (of course always my baby though – they’ll all always be my babies despite how old they get) Have I taught her enough? Is she prepared for…anything? Should she know more? I find myself feeling like I’ve taught her absolutely nothing and as though I’m failing her. Shouldn’t she know how to cook? Clean up after herself? Have a hobby? Something…or all the things. I want to teach her so much yet do it without overwhelming her. I want to make things fun. Like bake a cake and have a flour fight. Sew some pillows and let her pick out the materiel. Mop the floor while dancing to silly songs and using the end of the mop as a microphone. Even some fun things like making a coffee sugar scrub for her face using left over coffee grounds.

This year, I want to set some goals for not just me but for my babies as well. Here’s to learning while teaching and growing while helping grow. 🥂