Legalizing marijuana

I use to be so against marijuana because believe it or not, I have met people that chose it over their family. People that would sell their children’s things and pawn their kids off just so they could sit and smoke marijuana all day and avoid responsibilities. Now, I will say these people also got into hard drugs too on and off. After research and much understanding I realize that these people are the same kind of people that would drink cough syrup for some kind of “high.” We can’t blame marijuana for a few bad apples out of the whole bunch. I have heard of many good that marijuana has done too from helping people with anxiety and even help with epileptic seizures. I know more and more states are allowing medical marijuana use and some allowing recreational use. Illinois does not currently allow recreational marijuana but I kind of think the state could benefit from it if they did. Illinois is one of the worst states budget wise and I believe that if they sold marijuana and really taxed it then the states budget crisis could be helped a lot. People are going to get it regardless if it is legal or not anyway so in my opinion they should just sell it, tax the heck out of it and help the states budget. I think many states could financially benefit from selling marijuana but I do understand there can be down sides to almost anything.