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Here’s to the women….

Here’s to the women that second guess everything they do 

The ones that speak but they don’t speak loud enough as they don’t want to hurt the feelings of others 

To the ones that don’t follow the crowd because there’s nothing about the crowd they want to participate in 

Here’s to the women that love with all they have because they know they are only given this one life 

The ones that don’t care to jump from one bed to the next because they prefer long term and lifetime 

To the ones that have known they wanted marriage and parenthood since they were young 

Here’s to the introverts, self doubters, low self esteemed babes, the at home researchers, the conspiracy theorists, the camping queens, the barefooters, the lake lovers and the backwoodsers. 

Here’s to the mid-day drinkers, the free thinkers, the women that are raising their babies to play in the dirt and dance in the rain

To the women that have scars that share such chaotic yet great stories 

The ones who even though they feel insecure they still don’t filter their face in all their pictures

To those that have a circle of friends so small it’s almost non-existent

Those who are not always a wild flower but also a beautiful, delicate azalea