I am not that housewife or mother

I always thought I would be the house wife and mother that had everything all organized and would vacuum clean the house in heels and some vintage dress because something about that sounded classy.
But here I am climbing into bed and my foot has managed to drag into bed 47 crackers and a whole bag of Cheetos so I’m pretty sure I need to vacuum if it can work for more than 4 minutes. Too clumsy for heels and I am pretty sure I don’t own an outfit that isn’t stained…I would blame the kids but the truth is I can’t eat a meal without it wanting to jump on me and I don’t have a stain fighting technique but I think these stains add personality or at least that’s what I tell myself. I am not the person that I had hoped I would had become but I am also glad that I am not.

🌸 This is not me complaining because I have a fairly fun, happy life. I am a flawed, messy person but I am not unhappy. Just wanted to share this because I had thought about how I had envisioned my life vs the reality of it. 🌸